I Possessed My Alternate Self

I Possessed My Alternate Self

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I have two experiences possessing my alternate selves that you may find interesting:

1.  Alternate universe

After astral projecting I thought I had returned to my body. I got out of bed but I felt a distinctly unpleasant electrical field around my body. I thought nothing of it and went downstairs. There I found my wife and two young ladies at the breakfast table. One of which I recognized as my daughter in this lifetime and universe, the other I did not. The younger girl got up and hugged me.She must’ve sensed something was wrong because I became very uncomfortable and rigid. 

“Who are you, I asked?” I started to sway as the unpleasant energy worsened,and fell into an empty chair.

The young girl look puzzled and worried. “Daddy, it’s me, Lenay!”

I fell out of the chair and slumped to the floor. I felt my Astral self leave the body. After a moment of unconsciousness, I awoke in my home physical self.

I believe I had mistakenly returned to an alternate self of mine that had two daughters. The soul matrix energy was close enough to enable me to operate the physical body for a short while, but eventually forced me out.

Future Self

I projected into my future self as a much older version of me returned home. I dove into my older self, and fought to gain control. Once I felt in command, I looked around my future house and located my wife. 

In the house I saw pictures of a beautiful young lady. I asked my wife who she was. She looked at me strangely and said she’d been waiting a long time to see me. Evidently my self from the past had warned her that I would one day visit this future. She said our infant daughter would grow into this young lady and become a talented and happy Physician’s Assistant. I asked her a few more personal family questions before another version of that annoying electric field forced me to flee this future. I bid my future wife goodbye and returned to home time/space.

In this experience I learned that the protective electric field that normally assures one soul per body will reject even the same soul matrix if the time coordinates are not a match.