Astral Uber or Can You Take Me Out of My Body?

Astral Uber or Can You Take Me Out of My Body?

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Whether on Reddit or my “Astral Club” YouTube channel, I receive at least 1-2 requests every week to take both men and women out of their physical forms and take them for a ride – kind of like an Astral Uber or Lyft service! These extraction orders invariably come from people with no experience in Astral Projection, or even understanding of exactly what they’re truly giving me permission to do to/with them!

Perhaps it’ll help for me to put things into exacting perspective:

⦁ You’re asking me, a complete stranger, to leave my physical shell and travel hundreds or thousands of miles to your home, a place I’ve never been before in the physical or the Astral. In so doing I’ll be giving up an opportunity to ride an ice mountain around Saturn, explore the past or future, or just have a blast flying along the beach, mountain peak, or through an invigorating thunderstorm in the nighttime sky.

⦁ Once there, you’re giving me permission on an energy level to break into your home and creep into your bedroom unseen.

⦁ Next, you want me to penetrate your physical body with my Astral limbs, and pull out your very soul!

⦁ In so doing you’re also implicitly giving me permission, as the more powerful and experienced party, to implant any suggestion I want into your subconscious mind, or to pull out your most hidden and shameful secrets that you’ve hidden in the depths of your being!

After reading the above, is this truly what you want me to be doing during your sleeping downtime? Granted, I’m dramatizing the process a bit, but not by much – I assure you. I have taken two people out of their physical bodies a grand total of 3 times before in my life. Twice 37 years ago with my college girlfriend during my Senior year, and once with my daughter 20 years ago.

I met my girlfriend at an Eckankar seminar. She was an experienced Astral projector. We shared two of the most intimate experiences I’ve ever had in my life. As I touched her Astral hand and pulled her from her lovely physical shell, I knew her very soul and she mine. The third time I took my little daughter out of her body at her request. We had a great adventure, but the next morning all she could remember was a vague dream of flying over the neighborhood trees with her old Dad. Her memory failed her because she hadn’t yet learned the skill of saving Astral memories to the physical brain hard drive. And this is the critical factor most folks don’t understand. Unless you’ve trained yourself to have a photographic (eidetic) memory of everything you experience while your physical eyelids are closed, even were I to go to the trouble of making you my fourth Astral extraction in my life, it’s highly unlikely you’d remember much of anything that would transpire!

I’ve decided to do a video this coming Saturday on this very topic. I have great hopes that perhaps it’ll put an end to these weekly requests for an Astral ride-sharing service. However, I wouldn’t be surprised if the first comment wasn’t yet another request for a pick up!

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  1. German

    (sorry if my english is not the best)Hi,i’ve been reading and watching your videos,I would really apreciatte your advice on something,I’m 21 and been trying to astral travel,I only get to the part where I start vibrating and thats it,but something weird happened to me a week ago,A second after I tryed to astral travel I got a hugeee depresion about my death,my closest death,and thinking about how nothing is permanent,that feeling was there for about 5 days,just now I’m recovering and accepting everything,they were really tough days…….Would like to know your opinion about that,and if you have any advice.
    Thanks a lot!!
    I really like everything you are doing!

  2. ES

    Dear Rick … has the audio gone from your chakra exercise video? Or is it just me?
    The comments are great and I was looking forward to learning from it. Maybe it’s just an issue on my end. TIA for looking!

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